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Can I pay 🔴 Ibis Hotels with Paypal or debit card ?

  Now Ibis Hotels accepts PayPal - Ibis Hotels near me

Yes, you can pay Ibis Hotels ⭐-- with PayPal  
or debit cards like Visa Debit
or Mastercard Debit via PayPal below
VISA, Mastercard, JCB, DC, Union Pay and AMEX also accepted.

  •  You can pay Ibis Hotels (Accor Hotels) with PayPal in any currency you prefer. (USD, EUR, YEN, ...)
    After payment you receive a voucher with your booking number.
  •  With this voucher your stay is completely paid - no creditcard needed at checkin.
  •  Fast, secure and anonymous payment via PayPal.
  •  Diners Club Creditcard accepted at PayPal as DISCOVER Card
  •  Free cancellation possible - (see room details)
  •  Book Ibis Hotels near me 
Now Ibis Hotels accepts PayPal - Accor Hotels

Which payments does Ibis Hotels accept?

Make a reservation at Ibis Hotels with PayPal.
There you can pay with your PayPal balance, Diners Club (choose DISCOVER), Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay or JBC.
Pay with Visa debit or gift card. Visa Gift Card accepted via PayPal.
Coupons for Ibis Hotels 3 star hotels via Spacial Deals.

Accor Hotels accepts PayPal, Ibis Hotels near me take PayPal.
Anonymous hotel reservations.
How to spend PayPal on hotels.


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          *this is how the payment screen looks like

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